Losing for BJP in any state will be a nationwide shame and that is what is going to happen in Karnataka for BJP. You don’t need to be a political observer to see through this state of art that BJP is painting across in the state of Karnataka. If I were a BJP leader I would be scared and would make such desperate attempts. Especially when out of 165 Promises 152 has already been met and their vision for better Karnataka is actually working.

If I were to state the points where I personally felt that it was a desperate attempt of BJP to Malign the current government, I could list many but below are few of them and the theory behind the whole process.

  1. Attack on Bengaluru Development Minister. Being a Bengalurean, they would know that there was no ministry before congress government. We all have heard that how this city was labeled, before congress government – “Garbage City”. This is quite evident that BJP has found this point and is trying to malign his image and not letting him work.
  2. Everyone knows how SteelFlyover issue was escalated, as we all know that Bengaluru traffic is a menace and it needs to be contained & when the BDTP minister came up with a plan. BJP came up with issues like, that public wasn’t consulted and they were not asked about this, etc… I want to ask one question to them that how many of these people were consulted before BJP implemented GST and Demonetization or even bringing up Bullet train. Not even a single activist woke up during the inauguration of this economic disaster. (Kindly read :  Bullet Train ) Arnt they supposed to ask questions now, isn’t our PM using our hard earned money? He is, but he is lucky, he comes from BJP and he has all the right use our money and no questions asked. I am not suggesting not to ask questions, but Hypocrisy?? Not accepted!
  3. #Bellandur Lake. Media houses have been focusing on how this is ruining Bengaluru’s image. Have anyone focused on the fact that the lake of this scale cannot be polluted overnight. I strongly believe that this all started long back and current government is trying really hard to solve this issue, they have established STPs and started de-silting of the lake beds, stopped all the industries putting waste in the lake & asked the residents to contribute in this cause, etc. Now it is just the matter of few years when these lakes will be rejuvenated and few new lakes will be created with waters from STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants)
  4. Garbage:  Now coming back to the actual state of the city, garbage is huge crisis. City was running without a leader and previous government were allegedly looting money from unobserved city. The city was not clean, the garbage was a problem and the whole blame game between BBMP and government has made city worst. Actions by the current government is commendable, they have eliminated the mediators (Garbage Mafias) and have made BBMP Paurakarmikas (People responsible to keep city clean) come under the pay-role of BBMP and not mediators. I am Still waiting for the amount that this current congress government will save after this merger.

There are so many other topics why BJP is trying to attack the current government but the fact is not far from one-hour research on internet. And now since they couldn’t find any base on the allegation they had made, they have now come up with a new complaint “Garbage Scam”, as I have mentioned earlier, current government is trying to solve the mess that allegedly previous government made and these people don’t want that to happen. Because if the current government solved they key issue of the city, then they might never come to power again.

Their leader Sri BSY Ji, claims to be so honest, let me put light to some of the recent events that were listed against him:

  1. Denotification of Land: BSY ji got interim relief from the High court but not clearly given a clean chit, so in short, he is still a suspect of a huge scam in Karnataka. But look at the media format, no one wants to talk about this. You know why? because he comes from BJP and they are allowed to do so without media trial.
  2. Kidnap bid: Yeddyurappa summoned for questioning
    Hours after the High Court of Karnataka ordered a stay on the FIRs filed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) against BJP State president B.S. Yeddyurappa, the city police issued summons to him to appear before them on September 28 for questioning.

The summons is in connection with an attempt-to-kidnap and assault case involving Vinay, personal assistant to K.S. Eshwarappa, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council. The police have arrested eight persons so far and had even summoned Mr. Yeddyurappa’s PA, Santosh, for questioning.
Again a suspect on this matter

  1. Not to forget that he is the only CM in the history of Karnataka to be jailed on corruption charges.

Why is this happening just before election? Have you noticed? This is easy to blame the ruling government but hard to ask the tough question to the opposition, if the opposition is strongest party in the country and if they intend to control narrative of all the media people.

Above mentioned is my opinion and is put to ask the question of the other side. Which no one would. 

Please feel free to comment and I shall reply with more facts and figures.