Last week I wrote about how the fake propaganda is being circulated around on the web. Today i stumbled upon the altnews‘s article on the same ground. I was wondering why cant we agree to the fact that one group may be political or may be religious or may be both of them wants to rewrite the history in its own way and become something that they are not.

What do they want to gain out of it? God Knows! Why are they spreading hatred? God Knows! India is the country where Swami Vivekananda preached about peace and Mother Teresa got noble price for peace and helped the poor with love and affection. India is the country where Mahatma Gandhi is being followed and loved for his non violence movement! Why this hatred all of a sudden? I have been saying, India is changing, some of is waiting for a new India! What will that new India have? Hate, Anger, freedom for Lynching, Communal differences, religious disbelief, what? God knows!

Some facts has just been exposed and Case 4 is hilarious

Enough of my thoughts and questions!
Note: Before I proceed: I would like to give credit to Altnews for this article, I am just re-posting it

History is being re-written on social media, right here in front of our eyes. We found that a large number of such claims have originated from one anonymous Twitter account called @TrueIndology and have been widely shared on social media. While the Twitter account has a larger following, posts are also mirrored on the TrueIndology Facebook Page.

Here is the profile of the handle:

Many among us like to collect “wounds”. For the chronic “wound collector”, such handles provide a steady flow of real and imaginary insults and historical grievances to keep them feeling wronged all the time. A picture here, a picture there, a half truth here, a half truth there, the show goes on…

We have picked a short selection of claims and run a quick fact check on them. Most of them are posted with such confidence and authority that it is not surprising that hundreds of people retweet them, believing them to be true. Read on to see how many of them you fell for:

Case 1

Claim: Brahmin houses burnt by “Gandhians” and other congress activists on the day of Gandhi’s death

Reality: This is a picture of shops in Chandni Chowk burning a day after Indira Gandhi’s assassination.

The picture of a huge column of smoke billowing is not from the houses of Brahmins but shops of Sikhs in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk in 1984. According to Indian Express, when prevented by devotees from attacking Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib, the rioters had set fire to the nearest Sikh target. The fire quickly spread through the shops.

This picture has been used multiple times with reference to 1984. IndiaTimes featured this picture as part of their coverage in April 2013.

Other versions of their picture can also be found on Scroll and Sabrang.

It is shocking how such a well-known picture of a well-known incident of Chandni Chowk fire is unabashedly shared as that of Brahmin houses burning. The picture was originally taken by Photojournalist Sondeep_Shankar who was associated with the Telegraph during the 1984 massacre

Case 2

Claim: 1000 yr old Varun Dev temple in Karachi (Pakistan) now used as a toilet

Reality: The Varun Dev temple located in Manora island near Karachi is under restoration and not being used as a toilet.

Shri Varun Dev temple was in a dilapidated condition for years. Being a seaside temple, humid winds were eating away the structure and eroding the rich carvings. In Dec 2015, it received $250,000 funding from the US Ambassador Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) and its restoration started in collaboration with the Sindh Exploration and Adventure Society (SEAS).

While the temple has been vandalised in the past and was locked in 1990s after the Babri masjid demolition, there is no evidence that it was being used as a toilet as claimed by the Twitter post. As per a story in Dawn , “Kishan Maharaj, who has been guarding the temple for eight years, said that many devotees arrive there for pooja from far away by boat.

You can find older pictures of this temple and its caretaker in this blog from 2012. A picture titled, “respect” shows shoes left outside before entering the temple. To say that the temple is being used as a toilet seems to be a false and malicious claim.

The latest reports are from April, 2017 when the US Consul General visited the temple and the restoration seems to be going well. As reported by GeoTV, “Previously, the Shri Varun Dev temple was in a dilapidated state due to humid winds and encroachments around the area. However, since the preservation efforts started, Hindu priests and pilgrims have begun conducting religious rituals for the first time in decades”.

Case 3

Claim: Jain idols found at St. Thomas Church.

Reality: The Jain idols in the picture belong to Ajari Sevoor temple in Tamil Nadu. These Jain idols are from Ajari Sevoor temple. Apart from TrueIndology tweets, we could not find a single source that claims that these particular idols were found in St. Thomas church and relocated to Ajari Sevoor.

Besides the Jainworld website reference above, another website called Jain Glory also places these idols in the Ajari Sevoor temple. This seems to be a case of taking a picture from the Internet and sharing it as proof for an unverified claim.

Case 6

Claim: RSS volunteer distributes food / clothes to a freshly arrived batch of Sikh Hindu refugees from Pakistan. East Punjab refugee camp. Jan 1948.

Reality: This is an archive picture of a camp in East Punjab with no reference to RSS. While RSS claims that it set up 3000 camps for the refugees of partition, there is no evidence that this particular picture is of a RSS volunteer from one such camp. The picture is from the archives of The Hindu and is labelled “At a camp in East Punjab, evacuees from West Punjab”.

There is no mention of RSS volunteer in the original photograph. The person in the picture is also not wearing the standard RSS uniform which was already introduced by then. Being a regimented and disciplined organisation, RSS volunteers are always in their uniform particularly when part of organised relief efforts. If TrueIndology handle really wants to show RSS efforts, it will be better off taking a picture from the RSS archives rather than picking one randomly off the Internet.

I have mentioned only four facts, but if you see the sequence of it, it shows that they are anti-Islam, anti-Christians and anti-reality. They want to glorify someone who was really sleeping during the independence and was allegedly angry at the people who made this nation a democracy and claimed it to be secular nation.

I want you people to read the article and comment on it and also share it and please before believing anything like these pages, please get the fact right! These people want to divide the nation and has some hidden agenda!

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