The Harder Question!

Cow Protection Groups (Also called as Gaurakshaks or Cowmandos) are the new Flash/Arrow/Batman of the town. They are positively defending themselves on this matter. They are justifying killing of these ‘Humanimals’. I think it is the time to ask the right question, who is funding them? Who is giving them the authority to do so? And Why

Our nation’s police are capable of finding any terrorist before the incident ever happened then why these killers roam free in the city today?  Question is why did it all start after the BJP government came to power? Either this is just a co-incidence or it is mere propaganda. You have to decide on the reality.

Pehlu Khan, 55, a cattle farmer, planned to buy a buffalo hoping to grow his milk business but instead he got lynched and sadly killed. These “Cowmandos” weren’t old or military trained or even the video suggests that these were kids not more than 28 years of age and they had so much anger in them they killed a human being just for the sake of showing the world that COW is just more important than a human life and or as they would want them call as “HUMANIMALS”.

Photo Credit - Amit MehraGau rakshaks killed a dairy farmer, not cattle smuggler in Rajasthan Alwar, the guy who was killed was one of the 10 Dairy farmer in the village of Jaisinghpur, in Alwar District Rajasthan. Just because someone wanted to prove his theory one son lost his father and one innocent life was lost and fear runs through every Indian that what if they are next and I don’t want to compare this feeling with any Afghani who faced the wrath of Talibani (I would never say or write anything like this, this would-be treason).

The question still remains, why are they doing it? If they wanted make their point that they won’t let anybody take or transport their mother in a truck they would have done it constitutionally without taking the Law in their own hands or if they wanted to show their anger they would stopped the vehicle and took the cow out of the vehicle and made the one who was carrying them illegally (Only if Illegally) sit on his knees till the time police came and took some action against them and series of these kind action would have made a national news and actually created fear among the wrong doers in the country. And what actually happened

“My father was in a pickup truck with a Rajasthan numberplate, along with Azmat, who is also from our village. There were two cows and two calves in the truck. Irshad, I and another villager were in the other pickup truck which had three cows and three calves,” said Aarif.

This is not Hinduism or for matter of fact any religion. Nobody teaches violence.

Dalits killed in Gujarat, were biggest incidents before yesterday (April 5, 2017). These kids were brutally beaten and later the agency found that it was the lions who killed the cows and not these victims. During that time media houses carried reports that the Centre was considering changing India’s national animal from the tiger to the lion. However, CID investigations into the killing of a cow in Gujarat – one that a group of Dalits were blamed and assaulted by Gau Rakshaks for – may have just ended the lion’s chances. As it turns out, the cow killer was not a Dalit, but a lion. And no cow killer could ever represent India.Photo Credit catchnews

Now the new theory emerged that the lion may have also been a Dalit, as of yet it is still to be ascertained. There is evidence (alleged) to support this – the lion’s evident love of beef, its marginalisation from the mainstream, and the need to reserve places specially for them. But the lion’s Dalit identity isn’t the issue here. The real issue is what do India’s self-appointed cowmandos do now? Attack lions?

Considering this situation, it actually sounds tempting to grant them their chance to prove their love for their mother cow, one at a time in a cage with a lion. After all, a large number of them claim they’d give their lives to protect cows.

This solution is genius because everyone wins – cow protectors get to prove just how much they love cows, our lions would be well fed, meaning they would stop preying on cows and we’d cleanse India’s gene pool of a whole lot of stupidity. Everybody wins.


A Man got lynched by mob in his house for allegedly eating beef, A 50-year-old man, Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten to death and his 22-year-old son severely injPhoto Credit ieNtion (Gajendra Yadav)ured on Monday night in UP’s Dadri, allegedly by residents of Bisara village, after rumours spread in the area about the family storing and consuming beef, police said. And guess who is doing it, some organization called “Samadhaan Sena” (Solution Army). I don’t know what do they mean by  the solution, killing human beings? And the worst part is that there is no news or information of this group after this incident, it all allegedly seems like these groups were do something like this and vanish in thin air! They use the word like SENA (Army) in the name of the organization so that nobody will dare to question them, if anybody did, you know what might happen to you (allegedly).

BJP Worker Transporting Cows Killed in Karnataka, So, let’s assume these all started in the light of Hindu Party BJP which run only with the influence of RSS (Imagine BJP without RSS, just imagine). BJP didn’t create RSS, RSS created BJP so, BJP has to follow the orders like any other organizational structure. Under these influence, these groups became powerful and received all the required substance to force their ideology as the nation’s requirement even though it is not. All I meant to say is that though BJP started it, now they don’t have control over their own creation. It has bombarded like a nuclear bomb on the nation, it has started and every Gunda in your local area has become the Cowmando and has got the right to kill on the behalf of the Holi Mother Cow! This reaction cannot be stopped, you know it I know it and the one who started knows it! But we know we are Indians, as Mr. Shashi Tharoor said in his speech that, “we are Indians forgive and forget easy”. But let’s not forget this.

I think these are happening for a reason, it’s a nation of more than 125 crore people and killing one or two in the name of Holi Mother Cow is not the reason behind it. I don’t know the reason but I am pretty sure it’s not cow! Because, UN or any other agency never declared cow as the endangered species, even though these mother savers woke up like three years back. This simply means that even when people were eating cow meat (let me correct myself beef), we used to drink cow milk and not so long ago milk revolution happened. So, it is pretty sure that these killings are definitely not for saving the mother cows.

As I told you earlier as well that I allegedly believe that this is all done because of some reason I am not sure what is that reason. But you are smart enough to make it out.

So who is going to ask the bitter questions, because I cannot fill the RTI to as these questions!

Who is Doing it? Who is funding them? Who is giving them the authority to do so? And Why are they doing it? And hardest question Why aren’t they prosecuted or even found?

This nation was proudly a diverse nation once. “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, Sab he Bhai Bhai”.  (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, we all are brothers bound by nation).

Just a Piece of advice please stop it Modi Ji before gets out of your hand!