S.M Krishna a Victim or Opportunist?

After SM Krishna leaving the party so many questions are arising. Like why was he asked to leave the cabinet ministry during UPA regime. Why did he continuously change his statement? He started with blaming Rahul Gandhi, them he cooked up a story where he said some senior leader in congress didn’t want him in the cabinet. Then he changed his statement to something else. What could be the real reason behind his fall from such a glorious career?

Was it his son in law?

His son in law was the reason behind his fall, isn’t?

Or why else a man who served as Karnataka Chief Minister, Maharashtra Governor and Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly would one fine day leave the cabinet and say he is quitting the politics and now he when he is 84 joins BJP! What a man of his words, truly!

Let me put some light into his son in law. S M Krishna’s son-in-law V G Siddhartha has allegedly acquired 120 acres of forest land by wrongful means in Koppa taluk of Chikkamagaluru district.

He was also allegedly involved in Telgi stamp case.

Not to forget the favour that SM Krishna did to his Son in Law friend and close confidant, Raghvendra Shastri. The favor included then 4.8 Crore land allocation to Shastri. V.G. Siddharta was then in charge of Media Relation.

Now let me put light to why Krishna might have joined BJP.

After UP election results, BJP has gained a lot of confidence and momentum in the country. It is undeniable that they are currently the most powerful ruling party in the country. They have to be confident, after all they are ruling in more than 16 states, which is a record in itself.
Recently I read an article that BJP RSS alliance is seriously thinking of few states where the penetration of RSS is weak and how to infiltrate these states. Maybe they will be successful or maybe not, it’s time to tell.

BJP claims that they have started focusing on Gujarat elections which they might prepone from January 2018 to September 2017. They know that Gujarat is a BJP owned state so they are not talking too much about it.

Their main focus is on congress governed state Karnataka. It looks like they have started their campaigning. While congress is focusing more on the development part. There has not been a single news of congress where it shows that they are working towards winning the 2018 assembly election. The trends suggest that by poll elections in Najangud and Gundlupet is leaning towards Congress and BJP is lagging behind. Since H.S. Mahadeva Prasad is no more, congress has given the seat to his widow Geeta Mahadeva Prasad and expecting sympathy votes but it is not to be forgotten that C.S. Niranjan Kumar may also get the sympathy votes as he has lost three consecutive times. It is hard to tell who will win but the recent flow is leaning towards INC.

Coming back to the main point why Sri SM Krishna. He has enjoyed everything in his career that one leader can ever enjoy. It is evident that, he just didn’t become President/VP/PM rest he has enjoyed more or less everything starting from the CM of the state and External Affairs Minister, etc. He had his loyalty towards Congress and what made him change at the age of 84? It was not hard to find the reason behind this betrayal.

It is to be believed that, it is because of his son in law V. G. Siddharth, also known as the man behind CCD (Cafe Coffee Day). If rumours are to be believed, BJP state president BSY has convinced him that his son-in-law will not be scrutinized for his crimes. BJP being in power can easily manipulate it {Not saying that they will, but they might have promised it!}. Looks like they have been keeping this for a long time now just for this movement.

Krishna may be joining BJP with the sole intention of saving Siddhartha from corruption charges. Krishna may be also eying for a post like President or Vice-president of India. With which he can put an end to all the cases against his son in law.

Question is if BJP will trust SM Krishna as a loyal servant, because they know he betrayed Congress!

When Congress government being in power set the SIT against him, BJP came to his aide and he readily agreed to it, just to save V.G. Siddharth his Son-In-Law.

I just looked into few news links which can actually prove it right.

  1. The Hindu
  2. The Telegraph
  3. Land Grab Case News Karnataka

This was not betrayal, but fear of losing his family. That is what BJP leader SM Krishna is facing right now. There is no reason for him to join BJP where PM Modi himself has criticized him for is actions in the past.

List of Cases against V.G. Siddharth

1 Samaj Parivartan Samudaya founder president S.R. Hiremath Mr. Siddhartha, who was economically a pauper in 1999 when his cheques had bounced, became one of the richest persons in the country due to the “undue influence” of Mr. Krishna, Mr. Hiremath said.
2 [Karim Lal] Telgi scam Aided by Mr. Krishna who was the Chief Minister when this scam happened.
3 Land Grabbing Case  “S M Krishna’s son-in-law V G Siddhartha has acquired 130 acres of forest land by wrongful means in Koppa taluk of Chikkamagaluru district.
4 Karnataka Land Scam Denotification cases during S M Krishna’s Stinct at CM
5 Hotel Bills Bills for the 19 rebel MLAs, including five independents, who were holed up in a Chennai hotel, were paid by VG Siddhartha
6 Illegal Mining Cases SM Krishna, Dharam Singh, HD Kumaraswamy to face mining heat
Note: Above mentioned is not to harm any sentiments or to hurt anyone's reputation. This is an observation, believers and non believers are welcome to comment!
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