Trip to Kaza Day 1

We started the journey on 13th June 2016 at 3 in the morning, we could hit the highway by 3.30 (thanks to google map). The very bad experience about the highways in the dark is “high beam“, it is like riding the bike with -5 eye sight without the spectacles couldn’t see anything (FYI I had my spectacles). I could manage only 150 Kms till 5.30 AM.
This is the time when your rats starting jumping around your stomach. We stopped at a small dhaba, had some tandoori #parantha (remember less oil will make your ride less painful).
We started at 6.15 AM from the dhaba, and crossed #Chandigarh by 8.30 AM.
Some unknown places to #Manali.
Now it’s the second hit of hunger, stopped on the same midway for some good breakfast, (no good luck with that πŸ™ )
Picked up the speed and reached #Bilaspur at 1.30 PM pleasant weather, then the nature called upon its wrath on our speed (expect this during this season).
We took the shelter and had to wait for half n hour or 45 mins for this unwanted friend to stop.
Then was the real ride, along with 100s or HR registration cars those were the only cars honking on the road (trust me, not kidding). We also named them Honking Riders for HR.
We stopped few more times due to rain.
We reached #Kangu in some time , the new four lane is under construction till #Pung. This stretch will take you more than 1 hour n 15 mins to cross (it is not more than 10 Kms).
Once we hit the good road we took another 1 hour 30 mins to reach #Mandi.
Now we decided to sleep after some good dinner. So I rode for more than 14 hrs, which was tiring and bump numbing.
We decided to hit the road again by 4.30 AM to Kullu or to Manali.

View of Bilaspur Dam from the spot we stopped due to rain.

β€” Photo Credit ~ Helen Cletus

Day Two!

What a wonderful day it was. Out from pollution. Today was the day when I realized that how human body reacts to oxygen (trust me I am saying this with experience of living in the capital city).
We started from #Mandi around 5.30AM of 14th July, 2016 and got into my biker soul by 6.
The best part of this stretch is that you follow the #Beas river and kidding not, this feels like heaven.
We reached #Pandoh dam and the scene was so tripping I could not take eyes of the river. One side was the river which we were following (4 ft water I guess) and the other side was a 100 times massive than the other. I could feel the depth of the river by just looking at it (it was massive) and ride along side was a God gift.
Another good experience was the #Aut tunnel. It’s 3Km long tunnel and you can feel the massiveness of the mountain if you go in an average speed of lets say 30Km/hr.

Now comes the biggest surprise, #Kullu. For me it was a destination, and what do I find here? Nothing, I mean literally nothing (other than few temples). I couldn’t figure when I crossed it, literally!
Reached #Manali around 9.40AM.

Few things to be noted, #Rohtang is usually closed on Tuesdays so don’t plan anything around this day.

Plus remember if you have a car and want to cross #Rohtang reach #Manali before 7 in the morning and stand in the queue at the SDM office for the permission to cross the pass, you can’t cross it without that (if you’re special or a VIP or the President of the country, may be you can).

We found a place called Nature’s park in Manali which connects old and new Manali (pretty awesome for a park). We spotted a cow two goats n few dogs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Now it’s the time of confusion n hunger (we had our breakfast before the tunnel near the river), weΒ  were forced to stay in Manali because it’s Tuesday.
The Gods were watching us today, we found place (name unknown), newly converted homes stay (earlier was a cottage). This place is after Manali and to be precise you will find a #steelbridge on the River after the mighty #Jogini falls (must visit)

This place should be your stay for so many reasons

1. Good people,
2. Cheap and good rooms
3. To see the aggressive River flowing in front of you.
4. Bonfire near the river. (You get to see n experience two powers fighting each other, massive roar of the river and the heat breaking the cold)
5. And many more

We also visited Vashisht the ashram (they said it was the hot spring, I expected it to be some kind of hot water lake, it turned out to be series of bathrooms with naturally heated water (Sulphur is the science behind it, don’t dig deep into it).

Then the experience of the bonfire was the catch of the day (just amazing)
We had our dinner and caught into amazing dreams, had to catch the road next morning at 4.30 AM.

(Not uploading any pictures now – slow internet you see #Airtel4G is everywhere but just not where I go) May be tomorrow!

Nature's park in Manali which connects old and new Manali (pretty awesome for a park).

β€” Picture Credit ~ Gikson George


Day 3 to 7!

#day3 We took off from #Manali around 5 in the morning, reached the check post for #RohtangPass (a very mesmerizing location). You have to get extra Rs.50 token from the NGT to cross the pass. Besides the technical part, I couldn’t figure if I wanted to ride or to enjoy the view (obviously I couldn’t do both) my better half did the job for me. She was commenting live from the pillion seat about the picture perfect view of the pass.
We stopped for the snow (no, no snow fall) those were the glaciers (at least that’s what they said). The ice was so slippery that we both slipped (gum boots won’t help I have seen women/men falling with those too) Until and unless you have proper boots with spikes and gear don’t risk climbing it, the adventure is still lying ahead!
We started off to the beautiful Himalayan mountains what a scenic beauty it was. I wish I could put those in words (I could, only if u guarantee me #Pulitzer πŸ˜‹).
We stopped for breakfast, that’s when the fog started rising high. It scared me ( I knew the visibility was going to be a problem). We still managed to take up the road and the visibility was zero. We tailed the HP 01 car. We rode above the fog with in 10 mins and we figured that we could see what’s on the road but not what’s below the mountains.
Believe me when I say the height really effects your thoughts (it was close to 14000ft). I don’t really remember when n how the pass ended n we reached #Grampu and the total offroading started.
Yesterday was the #beas river but today it’s #Spiti river, my God, I thought it was #beas which was aggressive n beautiful but anybody would fall for the #spiti. 70ft wide n approximately 30ft deep (just an assumption) will make you realize that if you accidently fall or slip into it, you ll definitely reach Pakistan in next half n hour😁😁.
Keeping all the factors in mind we started the journey to #kaza. The road was total unexpected and dangerous.
We saw few milestones but no human life, no vegetation, no oxygen (it was hard to breath).
The sound of the bike was suppressed by the massive roar of the water flowing 5ft away from us.
While I was concentrating on riding saHelen Cletuslen was enjoying the mountains which surrounded us.
We reached the village #Chattru in next 2 hrs (though we traveled 30Kms) imagine the speed.
The ride was bumpy, the fear of falling off the road was gradually increasing and the biggest fear hit me with a strike. #Petrol, I was full tank when we left n by the time we reached #Chattru we were half tank and the next fuel station was at kaza (150 kms) I knew I couldn’t make it (though I was carrying 2 litres of petrol).
We couldn’t find help at #Chattru (it’s a place where people stop for food, water and snacks)
We started again, my wife was positive that we ll find help.
I stopped a biker group, returning from half way (their story broke me), they said it was worse ahead. I asked for few liters of petrol, but fuel is gold here, nobody shares. This was the time when I realised I couldn’t go back with the remaining fuel.
We bid them goodbye and the said good luck (we needed it).
Every fear was holding us tight, that’s when the water falls began. It was hot in the noon and the glaciers were melting (global warming you see) and the current of the falls were so strong that it could easily take the bikes with it (if not careful).
We crossed 50 such falls, alive (5 were the most dangerous and rest were ranging from 4 to 7 out of 10).
I would suggest to cross the valley before noon.
One fall was so big that it covered 200 meters of the road.
One solo biker got stuck in it just after we crossed it. I heard him shouting and struggling with the stones,water and the bike. I ran to him (my God the water was so freezing) my feet were numb by the time I reached him, helped him out and suggested him to be calm in such situations.
He was out in next 15 mins, then he vanished (fast riders you see).
We were hungry, we finished our water too. But we still managed to reach the heaven of the valley #Bataal.
It was around 1PM when we reached the place.
The place was around 4500 mts above sea level. We both were exhausted and feeling nausea.
I had my lunch (rajmaa chawal) but she couldn’t. We took the tent (it was made by placing stones and some tirpal/plastic sheets) it was so close to the river that if the water level increased we could just wash away in seconds. We decided not to go ahead and call it a day.
The owner of the place were Chacha Chachi. They were so helpfulπŸ˜‡ that they gave me 2ltrs of fuel of their own (Rs.100/ltr) I gave them this money, they didn’t ask for it.
The stay was cozy and warm (three blankets 😀.)
We met a new friend who will share the tent with us, a very smart young law student (21 and solo traveler @Abhirath)
I thought the day ended but it didn’t.
We ate some chapatis and dal which I puked out in the night (it was so cold and high pressure) the night was -6Β° (in that altitude it’s freaking cold) some how the night passed).

Next Morning we woke up to a surprise, RAIN (what could go wrong in that right, our shoes soaked and roads blocked ahead)


There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.

β€” Gilbert K. Chesterton

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